Just as mentioned inerrancy is a power that protects prophets from error.
In addition this power not only protects human from act of error but also from thinking about it.
In more detail there are two kind of inerrancy: one of them called acquired which is requires to effort for attain and the other one is given by God for example God gave inerrancy to Jesus Christ in his child hood.
You must understood that everybody has some level of inerrancy for example nobody think about eating his shit.   

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Posted : 1391/09/13 By : Jaber Nikoo
Revelation and possibility of error
After proving the necessity of revelation one question might be remained that:
Is there any possibility of error in the process of revelation?
The answer is negative because of inerrancy in prophecy.
This concept is one of necessary conditions that must exist in all prophets to be safe from all mistake at list in receiving, guarding and giving revelation to others.
In the next writing we will talk about inerrancy in more detail.

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Posted : 1391/08/1 By : Jaber Nikoo
Many people love peace, like to have a good life, what's your idea about it?

First of all I think anyone who is looking for tranquillity should make sure about its ways, is there any reliable way?
Is anyone trustable?
For example: if one drinks some alcohol or wine, is there any guarantee until he stay healthy?

In the second hand, believers in God say we should follow safe ways, we should follow pious people, and we need someone that gives us eternal happiness …eternal life to follow.

Who doesn't love an eternal life?

In conclusion we'd like to become indestructible, we should become obedience to prophet's path.

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Posted : 1391/07/23 By : Sadegh Safa
What is revelation?

The concept of  revelation one of those concept that needs technical discussion.
But now I present you a short simple explanation of revelation:
The word "revelation" lexically means: to state in secret, but in term of religion it means God explanation which prophets inspired by.
This "explanation" once in a while happens by means of angel of revelation (Gabriel) and some other time by other kind of inspiration such as their dreams.
Let it not remain that every  person who edify his insight and become a good worshipper may inspired by God by the different that their inspiration is not proof.

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Posted : 1391/07/22 By : Jaber Nikoo

Human and need to revelation

It is obvious that every person like perfection .it is something natural, and as we know we have not enough tools to reach that goal in other word we just know “why” and have not enough knowledge about “how”.

The history show us that mankind made a lots of mistake it is because of his poor sense and wisdom here an example: put your right hand in hot water and your left in cold one, after a while put both of them in lukewarm water, you feel cool in your right hand and warm in your left.

See, your sense can not show you the reality all time so we need another power that shows us the way of happiness.

That mysteries power called“ revelation”.

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Posted : 1391/07/17 By : Jaber Nikoo
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